Bitter CD

VehicleBitter CD
kw / hp169 / 230
110.000 (previously €115.000)

The touring coupé from the Bitter manufactory, which was largely based on the Diplomat B, was created in close cooperation with Opel and the Stuttgart coachbuilder Baur and was presented to the public for the first time in September 1973 at the IAA in Frankfurt.

With the powerful V8 front engine and the comfortable chassis, originally from Ford but revised by Erich Bitter for the European market, the Bitter CD offers its passengers a pleasant and quiet driving experience for long journeys on the motorway.

Although somewhat constrained by being tied to Opel’s base, the design of the CD (Coupé Diplomat) is heavily inspired by Guigiaro’s design icon Maserati Ghibli, whose lines are repeated throughout the bodywork.

After Bitter initially received over 200 orders after its presentation at the IAA, more than half of the customers later dropped out again as a result of the first oil crisis. While competitors with similarly designed vehicles such as Jensen and Iso Rivolta had to file for bankruptcy, Bitter finally managed to sell 70 CDs in the first year of production. In 1979, production was stopped after 395 copies had been made due to bottlenecks in the supply of parts.