Interiors & Soft Tops - Saddlery

We offer you craftsmanship with attention to detail. Our saddlery offers everything from small seat repairs to complete interior design. High-quality leather, top and carpet materials play a key role here.


  • Repairs and renewal of interior fittings
  • Seat repairs
  • Re-manufacture spring cores
  • Complete production of historical vehicle seats
  • Carpet set production
  • Manufacture and assembly of headliners, stretch fabrics and intermediate upholstery

Soft Tops:

Our saddlery team makes hoods themselves by hand. We primarily use Sonnenland materials. We offer hood fabrication and hood assembly. All vehicle models and types of tops are implemented. Custom-made products or pole restorations are also possible.

We can do even more:

  • Boat equipment
  • Motorcycle seats
  • Refinish furniture upholstery
  • …Contact us!