Fiat 124 Spider DS Rosso Fiat (1985)

First registration10.05.1985
Displacement1.981 ccm
Mileage (read)101.141 km

The Fiat 124 Sport Spider was produced by Fiat from mid-1966 to 1982. During this time, various model updates were undertaken and different engine versions were installed (from an initial 1.4 litre capacity with various carburettors to 2.0 litre engines with injection system and catalytic converter). When Fiat discontinued the model in autumn 1982, the 124 Spider was the only vehicle bearing the Pininfarina name to remain in production in the Italian coachbuilder’s workshops until summer 1985.

In the final months of production, the Spider was given a few more upgrades, with rack-and-pinion steering and a more powerful braking system. Some changes were also made to the interior.

The vehicle we are offering is one of the few and sought-after Spiders with rack-and-pinion steering and is therefore absolutely suitable for everyday use. The Spider is in a very well-preserved, almost 100% original condition! Only the carpets and gear knob in the interior have been replaced over the years, and a more modern radio has been installed.

Our Spidereuropa still wears its original ‘Rosso Fiat 152’ paintwork and the interior is clad in black leather. The original ANSA sports exhaust system, which is now very rare and hard to come by, ensures a powerful sound!

Take advantage of this opportunity and secure yourself an exceptionally contemporary and original Pininfarina Spidereuropa!